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What is Organic?

BioGro Cert"Organic" has been defined by the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) as - avoiding or excluding the use of synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, antibiotics, growth modification and irradiation. Sure.. but in practice what does it mean for our farm and for the veggies we produce?

Put simply, we don't use any pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers. Oamaru Organics (our farm) is on land that has practiced organic methods for more than 3 decades and for many years we have been BioGro Certified as Organic. Our practices, methods and inputs are assessed and audited every year to make sure we meet the BioGro's strict organic standards. We pay for this privilege and so take our certification extremely seriously. 

By buying organic not only are you getting chemical free food, you are supporting a farm that puts soil, care for workers and biodiversity as its top priority. Without chemicals insects can be a problem and weeding is just plain hard work. But the benefits to the environmental health in our region and the health of our employees and customers is worth it.

You can find more information on what it means to be organic here.